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When is a triceratops not a triceratops?

The answer is not when it is a Torosaurus! It was once thought that triceratops and torosaurs were different creatures, but research published last year (2010) is causing a re-think.

Creation and the Church Fathers

Recently I was rather shocked to read the following words from two leading British evangelical Christians:

“There is, unfortunately, a common misconception that Christians all used to take it [Creation] fairly literally, and that in a post-Copernican and Darwinian age some of us are now trying to cobble together some kind of non-literal understanding. This is simply not true. At no stage in the history of Christian interpretation of Genesis 1 – 3 has there been a ‘purely literal’ understanding.”

According to these two scholars the traditional and orthodox understanding throughout church history has been that the days of Creation are symbolic. But is this really true?

Creation and Orthodox Jewish Tradition

After years of agonising over the literal days of Creation in Genesis, I decided to spend time researching this problem in the London School of Jewish Studies in Hendon, England. After all, I thought, why shouldn’t I go to the natural Jewish vine for some answers?

What the Pagans said about Creation

Whilst studying ancient history at university I came across the pagan beliefs about creation. It was this study that caused me first to question evolution and the vast ages given for the universe.

Stephen Hawking says the universe was not created by God

According to an article on the BBC website, Stephen Hawking, who is arguably Britain's most famous living scientist says that M-theory, a form of string theory, can explain the existence of the universe. 

Back to Nature

People tend to think the theory of evolution has its origin in scientific observation whereas Intelligent Design (ID) has its origin in religion. In this article I will challenge this belief, by making the case that the theory of evolution has its roots in eastern religion. I will also argue that since the West has embraced the theory of evolution, it has led society not into atheism, but into eastern spirituality.

Edinburgh Creation Group Article for The Student Newspaper

Paul James-Griffiths from Edinburgh Creation Group was asked to write a 1,250 word article for 'Student' (Edinburgh University's student newspaper). The University's Humanist Society was also asked to write a 1,250 word article. Paul's article can be found here: 'The Creationist'. We are waiting for permission from the Humanist Society to print their response.

Can you put the moon in orbit?

Now thanks a bit of JavaScript you can have a go at putting the moon into orbit with this simulation of Newtonian gravity.