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Whales designed for a marine life

Evolutionists believe that there is good evidence for the evolution of whales from terrestrial ancestors.  But in a blog on Paradigm Shift, Dr. Marc Surtees is questioning that belief.

The transitional fossil that wasn't!

Evolutionists like to point to the evolution of mammals as a well evidenced series of steps from creatures called therapsids (which were a subgroup of non-mammalian synapsids) living about 200 million years ago.  One key fossil which is said to be transitional is Morganucodon.

Close examination of the evidence shows that it is not as strong as evolutionists believe.  Dr. Marc Surtees has written something about this fossil which will be published in the Creation Ministries International Journal of Creation.


Whales' teeth

Some have suggested that the fact that baleen whales develop teeth buds as embryos is evidence that they evolved from toothed whales.  However, when the evidence is examined it seems to be less clear.

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Professor John Walton asks the question "Could life have started through chance chemical reactions on the primordial Earth?" John is Head of Reactive Chemistry at St Andrews University and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Chemistry.

Did the theory of evolution start with Charles Darwin? Paul James-Griffith presents his research on the origin of the theory of evolution.

No events planned for 2020

Due to the current uncertainties we do not anticipate a conference this year.

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The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

The apostle Paul says the attributes of the Creator are visible in his creation both his eternal power and divine glory. There is a message in creation, from God to all people. In this talk Pastor Frank explains that message.